Hello, I'm Nell! I'm a community-focused designer with a deep passion for empowering creators and artists to do what they love.
Design systems at SiriusXM
user research, web components, js
Simplecast's podcast manager
ui design, user research
Podcast growth & monetization at SiriusXM
user research, user experience
Growing new creator's audiences at SiriusXM
ui design, ux design, visual design
Connecting professional creators to advertisers at SiriusXM
user research, user experience, ui design
visual design, brand design, ui design
Zine rollup
personal projects, visual design
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Senior Designer, Design Systems, SiriusXM
2023 - Present
Senior Product Designer, Creators, SiriusXM
2021 - 2023
Senior Product Designer, Simplecast
2020 - 2021
Designer, Artificial.io
2019 -2020
Freelance Product Designer, Various clients
Product Designer, The Scenery Agency (Acquired by Docusign)