Growing the new creator's audience
Senior UX Designer
user research, user experience, ui design
This case study stems from research carried out in the Podcast Growth case study. If you want to understand how these top-level conclusions were reached, give that case study a read.
In interviews, new creators consistently emphasized that podcast growth is their top priority. They also consider editing to be a crucial aspect of producing a great podcast.

I also learned that creators often feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects of episode editing and express a need for tools to assist them in managing audio files.

For example, creators use the space before and after their episode to promote partnerships, share info about live shows, and provide show notes. Some creators re-upload their entire back catalog of 100+ episodes to keep these promotions up-to-date.
Project Goal
Help new creators expand their audience by offering dynamic insertion tools that eliminate the need to update promotional audio files in multiple places
User goals
Target Metrics
Journey Map
Podcast creators upload their episode audio files in the Episode Creation Flow. To fully understand the creator’s task flow, I created this journey map.
First, I wireframed ways creators could signify where they want their promotional audio inserted. These wireframes show 3 different directions.
High Fidelity Designs
I tested these 3 wireframe prototypes with audio engineers and new creators to make sure these interactions match existing patterns.

In this high-fidelity example, creators can easily place, edit or move their marker in the waveform. The waveform is locked to the bottom of the screen to match audio editing patterns.
Creators can add their promotional audio in the podcast show settings.

To ensure users know about this new feature, I also created in-app promotional cards to onboard creators to this new feature.
Testing and 1.0 Launch
I worked with our engineering team to implement tags to track user interaction on the waveform. We set up signals to track dead clicks and frustration signals.

After launch, our support team received complaints that announcements weren’t playing on episodes. After upload, creators would immediately go to a podcasting app to listen for the audio promo. When they couldn’t confirm the update right then, they were frustrated.

On the backend, audio insertion takes time. Hundreds of files need to be distributed and generated at different bitrates. I realized that there was a gap between user expectations and experience.
To clearly communicate audio insertion loading times, I added more context to the success alert when creators upload and submit a file, communicating that their audio would take up to 30 minutes to appear.

I also added a “distributing” badge to the audio file block, which disappears when all files are updated. Also, the 2 buttons from V1 are replaced by a quick menu with clearer actions.