Podcast Growth & Monetization @ SiriusXM
Senior UX Designer
user research, user experience
SiriusXM acquired the Simplecast app in late 2020. SiriusXM's goal is to improve the integration of Simplecast's podcasting technology with SiriusXM's advertising tools and their audience of 60M listeners.

In this case study, I'll be reviewing our research plan and 2 high priority opportunities we identified.
Research Plan
To gain a better understanding of podcast creators and SiriusXM's approach to podcasting, research focused on two main areas. Stakeholder interviews were conducted to gather existing business knowledge and I collaborated with our UXR team to provide detailed foundational knowledge from creators themselves.
Research Goal
Understand, podcast creators needs, workflows, and pain points while using our app and competitors so that we can best create our products to work for them
Research Questions
Methods in brief
For external research, we spoke with 13 podcast creators
For internal interviews, I spoke with 10 stakeholders
Key Findings
By combining learnings from our external and internal stakeholder interviews, we created archetypes which guided us to high priority opportunities.
Below, I’ll explore the 2 ways I addressed the opportunities we uncovered during our high level research:
Growing the new creator's audience
Connecting pros to advertisers